Hydrotherapy during pregnancy and postpartum



This week we spoke with Roni Leef of The Waterclinic. The Waterclinic is an alternative and holistic health center that provides relief from a wide range of both physical and psychological issues. Roni has been treating a variety of issues for both kids and adults and has seen tremendous success transferring her techniques to perinatal and postpartum families. 

Water and births aren’t estranged to one another. We’ve all heard of women giving birth at home in a tub, or in a pool, so it isn’t far fetched that we prepare our bodies before birth by utilizing hydrotherapy. Many women find this idea comforting and helps foster a deeper connection to their fetus and even their own body.

Hydrotherapy lets pregnant women experience a feeling of relief, lack of weight and easy, light movements. As a fetus grows, weight is redistributed towards the front of the body, which can alter posture and put unwanted pressure on the back and spine. For many women, these changes can cause uneasiness and discomfort in daily movements as well as negatively affect sleep.

Through hydrotherapy, a sense of weightlessness can be achieved that promotes a positive relaxation experience. This muscle relaxation combined with deep breathing allows the nervous system to ease and reset. 

Once relaxed, Roni helps the client work on a sequence of stretches, postures, and pressings to help improve flexibility and strength. The circular motions that are characteristic to the treatment, combined with the heat of the water and gentle rocking simulate an intrauterine experience. Through this feeling of weightlessness, Roni helps clients connect and focus on their fetal movements.   

At the Waterclinic, Roni recommends hydrotherapy take place in a heated pool where the water temperature is safe for you and your baby and begin treatment after the fourth month of pregnancy all the way through birth. Hydrotherapy can help a mother-to-be learn breathing techniques and focus on pelvic movements related to giving birth. 

Roni recommends a visit postpartum after being cleared from your doctor, as it helps a new mother deal with dramatic physical and mental changes after childbirth.

For more information on hydrotherapy click on the right link and visit Roni’s page.

Always consult your doctor if you have questions, concerns, and before trying hydrotherapy.

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